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Sir Drgn

BDSM: A Beginners Guide

So you think you are KINKY?      You’ve read and seen 50 Shades a hundred times, you only watch “Rough Sex” porn, maybe you

My Leather Research so far

So this weekend I took my sub to get her name patches put on her leather cut. LUC of LV, my leather club, has an

Leather Me

The Beginning of my Leather Journey

     I didn’t realize it at the time, but my personal leather journey started when my ex-wife decided to pick up “50 Shades of

A Beginners Guide to KETO

 So, you’ve decided to try Keto to take back control of your weight and your life? You probably did an internet search and found so

Saved My Life

There are usually not many times that one can say that somethings “Saved their life”, but i’m a lucky one (bad luck is luck right?)

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If it's keto, kink, or both. let yourself find the real you.

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