My Leather Research so far

So this weekend I took my sub to get her name patches put on her leather cut. LUC of LV, my leather club, has an amazing member who has the equipment to embroider and create simple patches, and she is a bootblack title holder so we certainly trust her with our leathers. While we were at her house, her Sir asked my sub if she knew the significance of each piece of leather clothing you get along your leather journey. 

My Leather Research so far 11 

He explained that your boots are supposed to be the first item earned, and they signify the start of your leather journey, or the path you’re starting to walk.

My Leather Research so far 12

Your Chaps are next, once you earn those, it mean you know the path, but you don’t know enough to cover your own ass.

My Leather Research so far 13

Then its your leather pants, earning these signifies your ability to know your path and know enough cover your ass.

My Leather Research so far 14

The Leather Vest, or Cut, is one of the most significant pieces you can earn, at least I think so, more then just a piece of leather, the back patch, or colors of your leather club signifies your brother/sisterhood into a group of like minded individuals who have your back and you have theirs. 

My Leather Research so far 15

Finally there is the Masters Cap, this leather hat with a hard short brim is gifted to you by your community to signify your mastery of your leather journey, it is the highest honor in the leather community and those who earn this esteem are due respect and should be honored.

Everything above is what is considered Tribal Knowledge, or information passed down through stories and work of mouth, through teaching and mentoring. There is little out here on the internet that gives any information about this particular tradition. Which segways perfectly into my next post which I am hoping to have up by the end of the night. until then, be good, or be good at it.

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