There are usually not many times that one can say that somethings “Saved their life”, but i’m a lucky one (bad luck is luck right?) I get to say this twice. The really interesting part about it though, is that what has saved my life are not people, or things, but lifestyles. Two lifestyles that for the most part are considered wrong, against nature, and just plan bad for you.

I’m talking about the BDSM/ Kink lifestyle, and the Keto lifestyle *Screeching Tires*

“Wait, isn’t Keto a diet? How is that a lifestyle?”

“And how could that 50 Shades stuff save your life?”

These questions, and many more is what has prompted me to start this site. You see, I’m a helper, I love sharing my knowledge with people who want to learn (and sometimes those who don’t… oops) and I have found myself starting conversations with people over the strangest things, but by far the conversations that come about more then anything else is about my kink and keto lifestyles.

This is just an introduction to what you will find on the rest of the site, and if you decide to follow me here you will learn more as the weeks go by as I post more blogs about one of these two fascinating subjects. Please feel free to comment, I will read each and everyone of them, and comment if I see a need to do so. If you have questions or particular topics you want me to cover in future blogs then by all means leave them in the comments as well.

I’m signing out for now, Be Good… Or Be Good At It

Sir Drgnwatcher

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