The Beginning of my Leather Journey

Leather Me

     I didn’t realize it at the time, but my personal leather journey started when my ex-wife decided to pick up “50 Shades of Gray” 

     Her and I had been together for 13 years, been through hell and came out the other side, and I was happy. She was not. After reading the 50 Shades trilogy, by then wife decided that she wanted to make the fantasies that these books gave birth to into realities. So, being the studious person that I am, I start to research BDSM, and Kink. Yes, I know that this is a post about Leather and I’m talking about BDSM and Kink, but I have mentioned before that they often cross over, and beside, this is my story…. stay out of it 😉

     Through my research I found a social media site called Fetlife and from there I found an amazing community of people that were willing to share their love and passion for this lifestyle. I spent the next 5 years learning as much and I could, meeting as many people as I could, and experiencing as much as I could. It was through this learning, meeting, and experiencing that I got to know several members of the Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas and became great friends with them. 

     Back in July of this year, I was asked to help redesign the website for LUC, since I was friends with most of the members I agreed and I started my research into the club so I could make sure I produced the best website I possibly could for them. 

     This would be where my first actual steps on my Leather Path started. As I found out more about the club and what they did for the community, I found that my own views and passions were very similarly aligned. Loyalty, Respect, Service, Community, Family, Integrity, all cornerstones in the leather lifestyle, also cornerstones for me.

     I pledged to become a member while I was building the site and a few months later became a full member of LUC of LV. Since then I have used my tech skills to help further the clubs goals of raising money and helping the community with our non-profit events and fundraisers. 

     If you are in the Las Vegas, NV area and are interested in seeing what we do and who we are click the link to the LUC website above. If you are in other parts of the country, please check out fetlife and see if there is a local leather community or club you can go see. If you can’t find anything leave a comment here for me and I will do my best to use my other resourced to find something for you. 

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